Social Media censors us. Forums are full of trolls and creeps. Where can we go for candid, positive, adult conversations about sex? 

We're building a safe place for adults to have candid discussions about sex and our bodies. We want to empower you to ask, answer, and encourage your peers without fear of trolls, creepers, or undue censorship. Join our newsletter (bottom right) to get all the latest news on the community!

Joosi Community Guidelines

The Joosi Community is a friendly place where you can be open and honest with like-minded adults, have some fun, and share advice and tips. The Joosi Community is for genuine, non-judgemental, sex positive chat. We welcome everyone over the age of 18 of all genders, sexualities, abilities, races, and religions, and do not tolerate disrespectful commentary.

The Joosi Community is not a place for arranging hook-ups, sex chat, cyber sex or other personal solicitations. It is not a place to post links to pornography or erotica, or a place for seeking out material you may use to masturbate. Similarly, do not post about sex acts in progress, this is strictly prohibited.

The Joosi Community is moderated to ensure the rules are respected. We will edit or remove content and accounts at our discretion.

Forum Etiquette & behavior

The Joosi Community is a friendly, welcoming place where people can feel comfortable and confident. Debate and discussion are encouraged! Personal attacks are not. Similarly we do not allow inflammatory behavior (“trolling”), kink shaming, or cyberbullying. Attacking other forum members or their lifestyles is not permitted.

Please use the flag system to report posts which are against the rules. Don’t engage in mob mentality and gang up on a member who has broken the rules – just use the flags and a moderator will take care of the rest.

Joosi Community posts should be relevant, informative, and written in English rather than text speak (so please always type “you” rather than “u”). Similarly, for accessibility reasons, writing an entire post primarily in ALL CAPS, bold, header font (html etc), underlined, or italic is not allowed.

Before posting a new topic, have a search for similar topics. If there was a recent discussion on the topic you’d like to raise, please post in (‘bump’) that topic rather than starting a new one.

When posting, be sure to use the most relevant subforum and stay on topic. Use the topic title to clearly delineate the topic’s topic so other members can easily join in.

Example: A title like “Thoughts on this?” is unhelpful and unclear – use a title like “Who has tried anal fisting?” instead.

Keep topics open to everyone, without singling out a specific group of members. Topics directed to a limited number of forum members like “ladies, what do you think” are not allowed. Similarly, do not have private conversations in public – this includes flirting, ‘inside jokes’, and graphic public displays of affection.

When sharing video clips from YouTube or other video sites, make sure they are radio friendly and would be acceptable before the watershed. Link to clips including violence, drug use, nudity etc. are not allowed. Make sure the video thumbnail is appropriate, too.

Content Restrictions

Personal Details

Do not share personal contact details, including but not limited to:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media accounts (such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook)
  • Any other offsite contact information

General Posts

Do not use unnecessary expletives

The Joosi Community automatically filters out some offensive words – use this filter as guidance around language that should be avoided. Do not try to bypass the filters.

Do not use offensive, unnecessarily graphic/erotic, derogatory or inappropriate language


Do not post erotica or graphic fantasies learn what erotica is here

Do not post harassment or solicitations - eg. asking for gifts, photos, contact details, explicit personal descriptions and excessive information

 Excessive information examples:

Do not single out specific Forum members as arousing you


Do not single out minority groups (including races, ethnicities, sexualities or gender identities) as arousing you or being part of your fantasy. Real life is not like pornography and real people deserve more respect than being reduced to fantasy fulfilment

Do not flirt with other Forum members

Do not post graphic or offensive images (check out the full image posting rules here). All images you post, including profile and banner images, must abide by these rules.

Sock Puppets/Multiple accounts

  • The use of multiple accounts (Sock Puppets) is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to deceive or manipulate other users, discussions, or forum activities through the use of multiple accounts or fake identities will not be tolerated. We rely on the honesty and integrity of our users to foster meaningful and respectful discussions. Any user found to be using sock puppet accounts will have all of their accounts banned and will be permanently removed from the forum.

Other Restricted Content

  • Do not post, link to or reference nonconsensual, illegal or underage content. Remember at Joosi, life starts at 18 years-old. Any posts referring to sex acts before this age will be deleted.
  • Do not post or link to sex negative content
  • Do not post audio clips
  • Do not post advertisements, comment, or links to other adult retailers and competitors
  • Do not post spam (learn what spam is here)

 What classes as a competitor?

Posts that reference illegal behavior

If you post content that suggests you have taken part in - or been complicit in - behavior or activities that are illegal, Joosi Inc may pass your details on to the police or other authorities as appropriate.

This includes reference to activity of a sexual nature that endangers vulnerable people, minors or takes place without consent.


If one of your posts breaks the rules, other Forum members may flag your post. Receiving 5 confirmed flags in the span of 100 days will block you from increasing your trust level on the Forum.

A moderator will review the flags on your post. If the moderator confirms your post does indeed break the rules, the moderator may message you to let you know. This message will be an “Official Warning”.

Repeated infractions may result in removal of your posting privileges and/or the suspension of your Joosi Community account.

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We're building a safe place for adults to have candid discussions about sex and our bodies. We want to empower you to ask, answer, and encourage your peers without fear of trolls, creepers, or undue censorship. Join our newsletter (bottom right) to get all the latest news on the community!