Our Mission

Monsters hide in the dark and they lose their power when we turn on the light. We're shining the light on sexual shame by engaging in open, honest, and hilarious conversations about all the things everyone thinks but no one talks about. Because we want you (yes YOU!) to know you are not alone. You are not a weirdo (at least not the bad kind). You are not gross or crazy or perverse or dirty (unless you're into that) or sick for having sex and masturbating. We love you just the way you are and our wish is that you will do the same.

We believe you deserve a better shopping experience.

Our Story

Privacy is great, but shopping for sex toys online sucks. What the actual fuck. There are thousands of options in hundreds of categories and no one to help you learn how to choose and use the right toys for you. But those days are over! At Joosi we curate our selection to include only the safest and highest quality toys. Every toy that's labeled Certified Joosi has been tested by our team and we share their features, strengths, and weaknesses with you as well as recommending which ones are best for your unique body.

Meet the Founders

  • Alisa Eddy

    Founder and CEO

  • Bill Templeton

    Co-Founder and COO