Raspberry Waffles and Saving Sex For Date Night

Raspberry Waffles and Saving Sex For Date Night

Alisa Eddy |

On a recent episode of Shankar Vedantam's Hidden Brain podcast, researcher Jaqueline Rifkin was interviewed about delayed pleasure and "how to find the proper balance between indulgence and restraint." According to her research, every time we put off using something, its "specialness" grows in our imaginations, making us even less likely to use it next time, even if it’s actual usefulness is decreasing over time. Among many things, this explains why I hang onto raspberries like they're an asset that will increase in value even when the truth is just the reverse. This might also explain why so many of us in mature relationships are saving sex for date night. 

Once a year during raspberry season my mom would walk through the door with a cardboard "flat" of raspberries, usually purchased at a roadside stand. The rest of the year they were too expensive, but high season you could snag a bulk deal. We weren’t allowed to touch those tempting mounds of deep red clusters until the weekend for brunch. Not just any brunch; raspberry waffle brunch.


Raspberry waffle brunch was an unusually unrestrained feast at my house. No holds barred. We even skipped church one Sunday for raspberry waffle brunch. Homemade whipped cream and fresh Washington raspberries mounded in layers on a belgian waffle. The smell! The beautiful tiny druplets bursting with tangy nectar! 

Now I’m a grown up and I can have raspberries any time I want. And I buy them all the time. But they’re so special to me that I save them- I save them for optimal conditions when I can savor every drop and eat them mindfully. I conserve them so severely that they regularly go moldy and rotten because I was waiting for the perfect time to eat them. Few things bring me greater pain of regret than throwing away a pint of moldy raspberries. What do moldy raspberries have to do with sex?

Sex is an essential bonding ritual for partnerships. It was at the least a daily occurance early in all my relationships. It was an assumed cascade of events between two people that happened without effort or forethought. But a few years in, the passion wanes and the relationship assumes its proper place among the many priorities in a balanced life. And this is where the raspberry trap can set in. 

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